DCLX 2015 Washington DC

Join us for our 14th annual Lindy Hopping festival featuring bands from all over. We're gearing up, booking bands, and excited about 2015 in Washington, DC!

DCLX’tra: Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five

DCLX'tra presents Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five on Saturday, October 25, 2014

When vocalist Chelsea Reed brought five of her friends together to play some tunes in a South Philly dining room in October 2012, little did she know that someday she and her band of handsome gentlemen would find themselves playing at the latest DCLX dance event! And not just any DCLX event, but the premier of our newly revamped DCLX’tra series. It’s not our main dance exchange; it is a special gift from us to you! Hope to see you there!

As usual, beginner lesson with fabulous local instructors included in your admission. And as a bonus, DCLX has a (functioning again) Square! So cash, check, or plastic all work.

Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five
Saturday, October 25, 2014
Beginner lesson: 8 – 9 pm
Dance: 9 pm – midnight

The Spanish Ballroom
at Glen Echo Park
7300 MacArthur Blvd.
Glen Echo, MD 20812

Presented in cooperation with Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture, the National Park Service, and Montgomery County, MD.

Your photos are ready for pickup!

Actually in today’s world, they’re ready for tagging. We had a few great photographers in our midst at DCLX 2014 capturing the sights and some of the sounds, too (check out the videos below!).

Our official photograher, Braden Nesin of Made By Hand Photography, has buckets of photos to upload, but he has uploaded the photo booth shots from Saturday Night:


One of our local DJs, Jerry Almonte of JS Almonte Productions, is a guy who can get seemingly anything done. He’s been developing his eye over the last several years and he took some really impressive shots. Check them out:


Finally, we’ve got a YouTube channel (in case ya didn’t know!). Did you know that? Our videographer David Soltisyk of retrorhythmz, can take us back in time with videos from our bands and ensuing jams. Click once further:

DC Lindy Exchange YouTube Channel


DCLX would like to thank YOU the dancers who traveled far and wide, opened up your homes, gathered, and swung yourselves silly. The weekend was like one of those songs that gradually works you into a frenzy of joy.

We invite you to fill out our survey. DCLX wishes to grow in 2015, and we need to know from you (whose beating heart and feet we care most about) how to make next year even more alluring. Please take a quick moment to fill out our survey:


The bands were all top notch, frenetic, and fun to work with: Smoking Time Jazz Club, The Boilermaker Jazz Band, Bitter Dose Combo, Craig Gildner Big Band, Aurora Nealand, Laura Windley, The Bumper Jacksons and Gordon Webster & Friends!

The DJs played their part, keeping people dancing when the bands needed a breather and till 5am: Allen Kerr, Jerry Almonte, John Mortensen, Dan Repsch, Helene Horowitz.

The volunteers! You made the weekend a breeze for the organizers. Thank you for showing up promptly and making sure every base was covered.

Now… onto the biggest thanks of all. The DCLX 2014 Committee:

Kelly Pavao (Vice President)
Jean Buergler (Treasurer)
Caroline Seipp (Secretary)
Robert Patch (Bands Coordinator)
Zoe Thorkildsen (Housing Coordinator)
LaRaine Cheung (Volunteer Coordinator)
Pamela Kaye (Promotions)
Jes Simpson (Swag & Member-at-Large)
Colin Hay (Food)
Hyong Lee (Food)
David Soltisyk (Promotions)
Krista Engle (Promotions)
Laura Henderson (Promotions)
Julia Seymour (Member-at-Large)
Bryant Ferguson (Event Captain)
Laura Jackson (Event Captain)
Fei-fei Zheng (Event Captain)

You were a terrific team! For much of the weekend my biggest stress was a lack of something to stress about. The best part was how your willingness and knowhow came together to manufacture something very special — that brand of euphoria only found in a lindy exchange.

THANK YOU from my syncopated heart!

Today’s Forecast? More Fun in the Sun

Gordon Webster has landed, checked in, and tuning up for tonight (also known as sleeping like the rest of you). We’ll see you in the shadows of the land where Duke Ellington was born.

The Bumper Jacksons play at 3pm at the U Street / African American Civil War Memorial, and DJs mix it up for the rest of the 1-5 afternoon dance.

It’s right across from Liv nightclub where Gordon Webster goes on at 9pm. 18+. There’s a bar for those of you who are over 21, and I’m buying for some of you who have worked so hard on this great event.

See you in DC!

Put me on your dance card… AT DUPONT CIRCLE!

Alrighty brave lindy hoppers, it’s time to invade DuPont circle. Bring your suncreen, water bottles, and dance your little hearts out inside one of DC’s craziest traffic circles. Show our hipsters what it means to have that swing.

A slight chance of showers between 2pm and 5pm, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms after 5pm. Partly sunny, with a high near 73. West wind 8 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 24 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%.